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Simple and extremely effective solutions. This is without a doubt the simplest description of SpeedF modular flooring systemsloor made of technical vinyl (PVC), polypropylene (PP) or SBR/EPDM rubber granules(PVC, PP,SBR/EPDM)

These floors have a hugely wide range of applications, thanks to their strength, resistance, versatility and aesthetics can be used in almost any space. It is worth mentioning that these products owe their advantages to innovative design, solid workmanage and high-quality materials. They can undoubtedly be laid on concrete, screeds and screeds, damaged resins, old ceramic tiles and gresy, boards, OSB slabs, asphalt, concrete cube, sheet metal, Wema grilles and many more…

płytki pp perforowane
polerowanie czyszczenie podłóg powierzchni
czyszczenie szlifowanie polerowanie

Polishing - polishing, grinding, cleaning

SpeedFloor Polishing – a way to quickly modernize concrete, terrazzo, stone or resin floors.

Giving the floor a “new life” is a demanding task, so it should be entrusted to professionals. Removing weak, soiled, exploited layers of the existing floor is not easy. Therefore, these actions undoubtedly require properly selected tools, cleaning preparations and/or reinforcements. Only the combination of professional equipment and the right experience ensures that your floor will still have excellent parameters. High durability, durability in operation, ease of cleaning and therefore low operating costs. It also has better electrostatic and non-slip properties.

Raised floors

Raised flooring systems (modular or monolithic) are excellent, fast and modern solutions designed for different areas.

This technology allows for great freedom in arranging space in a manner independent of the current or planned course of the installation. The space created under the raised floor allows you to change the course of installation elements depending on the current needs of users. The support structure has the ability to adjust the height. Set on the structural elements of the building, depending on the adopted system, it is covered with ready-made modular elements. Sometimes, this cover is a plate of so-called. lost formwork, on which a layer of flooring is poured. This solution allows you to finish the surface of the floor in any way. In this solution, access to the technical space is provided by the inspection flaps hidden in it.

podłogi podniesione
podłogi podniesione
maty antyzmęczeniowe
maty antyzmęczeniowe przerostowe

Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats – protective systems ensuring safety and proper posture during work.

For the sake of the health and comfort of employees, we present high-quality PVC and rubber anti-tire

mats. It is important that their use brings relief, reducing the pressure exerted on the muscles, joints and spine. Their use can undoubtedly increase the efficiency of employees’ work, which can result in a lack of reluctance to work while standing and much less frequent stay on sick leave.

Hypertrophic mats – a way to make a safe surface and natural environment.

Thanks to the use of hypertrophic mats, we can quickly and effectively create external natural and safe surfaces of playgrounds, recreation paths or physical activity zones, Arranged on flat surfaces or slopes overgrown with grass are easy to care for, environmentally friendly and pleasant to use. Thanks to these solutions, the risk of injury in the event of a fall can be reduced to a minimum.

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This website uses cookies to ensure the best user experience on our website. By continuing to browse the site you accept our cookie policy