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Cleaning and restoration of concrete, terrazzo, stone

Cleaning ECO

It is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to refresh and modernize the surface of mineral floors. The combination of the power of synthetic micro diamonds and the multifunctionality of self-propelled cleaning machines is a unique system for deep cleaning of concrete, terrazzo and stone floors.

The Cleaning Eco cleaning technology is based on the simultaneous use of washing machines and Shine Pro Screen micro diamond meshes and Shine Pro and Shine Pro Plus micro diamond cleaning pads, which are much better for cleaning mineral floors than traditional brushes and colored string pads. The latter, in some conditions, turn out to be ineffective, they leave dirt on the surface of the floor, the surface itself remains open and unprotected, and after cleaning, no visible effects are visible.

How to clean a concrete floor quickly, cheaply and effectively?

In the Cleaning ECO system, we choose 2 or 3 steps of floor treatment with micro-diamond tools, during which we remove dirt, harden the concrete surface with lithium or sodium silicate solutions – it is a quick, very effective and environmentally safe cleaning of mineral floors.

Advantages of ECO technology

  1. Dirt is permanently removed from the floor, and its surface remains hardened and closed
  2. The above-mentioned qualities significantly reduce the cost of operation and cleaning, including cleaning with self-propelled washers
  3. After renovation with Cleaning ECO technology, the floor looks fresh and aesthetic
  4. The floor is ready for further use immediately after completion of works
  5. The Cleaning ECO technology allows for the modernization of the mineral floor (its cleaning and regeneration) even up to 2000 m² within 10-12 hours
  6. usually one afternoon or one night is enough for a store, warehouse or hall to receive a fresh, durable floor for relatively little money

Economic advantages

Cleaning ECO technology is the lowest cost in the industry for cleaning dirty concrete surfaces and their regeneration.

Water resistance, resistance to liquid penetration

Concrete processing in Cleaning ECO technology, its proper protection with chemical impregnants prevents it from dusting and the penetration of dirt and liquids into the floor structure.

Environmental Protection

The elimination of waxes, polyurethanes, solvents and volatile organic compounds from ECO technology confirms that the name of green technology is fully justified.

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