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SBR / EPDM / Sport Flex tiles and mats

Speedfloor SBR, EPDM and SportFlex floors are a system of tiles and mats produced by joining and forming granular synthetic rubber. They are produced in thicknesses from 15 to 90 mm. The elements are made with a black or colored surface, which is water-permeable, anti-vibration and anti-slip.

The presented solutions are successfully used, for example, in gyms, fitness and crossfit rooms, playgrounds, outdoor playgrounds and swimming pool areas, as well as in holiday and summer camps. In addition, these elements can be used as shock absorbing spacers and isolation against vibrations in special rooms, such as hangars for tanks and heavy equipment.

The SBR collection is complemented by overgrown mats, which are a perfect economic solution for the construction of playground surfaces and safe outdoor surfaces.

posadzki speedfloor sbr
posadzki speedfloor sbr

The elements of the SpeedFloor SBR system are sandwich panels made of granulated rubber with a colored top layer. The boards are produced in thicknesses from 25 to 90 mm and are available in 5 basic colors. It is a flexible product that damps vibrations, and is also resistant to abrasion, impacts and liquids. It is noteworthy that SBR elements can be placed on any type of substrate; inside and outside buildings. Resistance to weather conditions and limited maintenance requirements make the SBR system extremely versatile. Thanks to the use of elements of the SpeedFloor SBR system, it is possible to create safe and soft surfaces of playgrounds and playgrounds for children and teenagers, Jordan gardens or recreational spaces.

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SpeedFloor EPDM is a quick flooring system. Made of rubber granules with a colored EPDM top layer. Elements of this system are made in thicknesses from 25 to 90 mm. They meet the HIC safety factor in the range from 1 to 2.8 m.

Resistance to weather conditions, water permeability or limited maintenance requirements. It is also possible to use it both on aggregate foundations and on stable, ready-made surfaces such as concrete, cubes, tiles, resin, OSB, etc. These are just a few of the advantages of this quick flooring system.

Thanks to them, you can create safe and aesthetic surfaces of playgrounds, Jordan gardens and sports fields. This is where safety in the event of a fall is essential.

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SpeedFloor Sport Flex are rubber mats made of rubber granules combined with high-quality polyurethane glue. Intended for use in fitness and crossfit halls, gyms and other exercise zones where shock absorption is important when jumping or falling heavy loads, e.g. barbells, dumbbells.

The mats we offer have the dimensions of 100 × 100 cm and 50 × 50 cm and are 15, 20, 25 and 40 mm thick. Their surface is smooth and the installation is very easy. It does not require gluing to the substrate. The mats have different colors and fonts, allowing for great freedom in designing the surface and creating the character of the interior. SportFlexelements can also be used where it is required to use products with anon-flammability certificate – production and certificate at the customer’s request.

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SpeedFloor hypertrophic mats are the perfect solution for creating a safe surface. First of all, it can be used to create playgrounds, terraces and gardens separated from lawns. They can also be used to strengthen slopes and hills covered with grass.

Overgrown mats not only look great, but are easy to care for and safe. The assembly of mats does not require a foundation, and the grass covered with grass is a stable ground. High abrasion resistance, durability and slip resistance, and above all excellent shock absorption in the event of a fall, is a sufficient recommendation for choosing this solution.

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