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Remedy for daily care of parquet and cork

Concentrate of the agent for washing everyday dirt from varnished wooden floors. Does not contain solvents. It perfectly dissolves fat. It does not leave the so-called. “mazów”. Does not remove or damage protective coatings.


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Remedy for daily care of parquet and cork

Solvent-free liquid for daily cleaning of protected wooden floors.
It has excellent fat and dirt dissolving properties in combination with glossy/matt emulsion for parquet and cork. It is also suitable for the first cleaning after installing the floor.


  • pH 9,0 – 9,5 ( concentrate )
  • capacity: 0,1 l/100 m2
  • washing method: manually or by machine

Composition: less than 5% anionic tensides, less than 5% ionic tensides. Contains
methylchloroisothiazolinin, methylisothiazolinone, bronopol

The intensive cleaning preparation is subject to the provisions of the Dangerous Substances Regulation and is labelled with the hazard statement “Flammable Product”. Only use in well-ventilated areas


  • Wooden object surfaces (e.g. hospitals, offices, schools, offices, etc.)
  • Wooden floors, terraces and balconies in houses
  • Surfaces of HoReCa facilities
  • Sports facilities


The floor must first be swept or vacuumed.

Dilute Parquet and cork cleaner in a ratio of 1:200 (50 ml per 10l of water), wash the floor
mop and let it dry. For larger surfaces, the dilution should be increased
up to a ratio of 1:400 (25ml per 10l of water) using a single-disc machine (e.g. SRP1) with a white or red pad installed.
Dirt from grease and other intense dirt can be removed with undiluted
Parquet and cork cleaner with white non-abrasive pad. After such cleaning, it is necessary to neutralize the cleaned place with clean water.

REMARK: Wooden floors and parquet floors are natural floors and should never be exposed to moisture for a long time, as they can absorb water and deform. For this reason, you should clean the floor with a slightly damp cloth or mop. Do not pour the solution directly on the floor. Before use, you should read the Technical Sheet, and in the process apply the comments and recommendations given in this document.

Technical Sheet – download

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