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Floor PP40M – floor for terrace, balcony, swimming pool – package of 15 m2 for self-assembly

The most important technical parameters:

  • Board dimensions: 330 x 330 x 16 mm
  • Plate weight: 0.35 kg
  • Compressive strength: up to 40 tons/m2
  • Chemical resistance: good according to EN 423
  • Hardness: 92 out of 100 on the Shore scale – class A – hard material
  • Abrasion resistance: < 0.1 mm / 100
  • Deformation for static loads: < 0.1 mm according to EN 433
  • Dimensional stability: < = 0.4% according to BS EN 434
  • Color fastness to artificial light: > 5 according to EN20105, i.e. no damage
  • Fire resistance class: Flame retardant material
  • Warranty: 2 years

479,70 / szt + VAT

Floor PP40M – terrace/balcony/pool – 15 m2 package for self-assembly

Polypropylene floor is certainly an ideal solution for instant creation of an aesthetic, functional and at the same time durable floor. For example, in the backyard garage, on the terrace, in the basement, workshop and many other places.

Floor PP40M – terrace / balcony / pool – package of 15 m2 are ready-made elements that without special tools can be independently mounted on almost any stable ground. They can certainly be placed on old ceramic tiles, roofing felt, lepik, concrete, boards, resin or paving stones. It is not required to use glue, nails, screws or other fasteners for assembly. And also no special preparation is needed. The tile surface itself does not require maintenance. It is easy to keep clean. Undoubtedly, it works well at any time of the year as well as in various weather conditions.

The specially designed shape and bottom of the tile is a drainage system. It allows free drainage of water from under the floor surface. Compressive strength of up to 40 t/m2 allows for safe use and entry of heavy trucks.

Thanks to these advantages, the SpeedFloor PP40M system as well as other types of PP tiles from our offer can be used not only in garage spaces. And also on terraces, balconies, pool areas, etc. They are also successful in many service industries, detailing studios, sports and recreational spaces.

The package applies to the SpeedFloor PP40M and includes:

  • 68 pieces of tiles in black,
  • 67 pieces of tiles in white (which allows you to arrange, for example, a chessboard)
  • user manual,
  • 24 m warranty

It is possible to buy additional floor elements individually, e.g. plinths, edge elements.


SpeedFloor is the solution for every surface!

Surface for places with high loads, overrun profiles of various types, made of special materials.

Fully eco-friendly, durable and vital. Without a doubt, easy to install and maximally resistant to all kinds of loads.

A wide range of products certainly tailored to your needs and finances. We invite you to contact us!

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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 330 × 330 × 16 mm

Black, Blue, Bordo, Eco Black, Eco Grey, Electric Blue, Graphite, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Rosso Red, Yellow

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