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Cleaning granules for synthetic carpets

Suitable for velor linings made of all types of synthetic fibers up to a depth of 10mm and a short loop. Not suitable for thick loop carpets, sticks and natural floors made of coconut, jute, seagrass, rice straw, paper and cotton. Application on a needle-punched non-woven floor, barberry, pure new wool and sisal possible depending on the floor and object and should be checked in advance in the right place or discussed with our technical consulting department.

11,3298,15 / szt + VAT

Cleaning granules for synthetic carpets – Carpetlife granules

Cleaning granules for synthetic carpets are undoubtedly a product with excellent dirt-dissolving properties. Designed primarily for dry cleaning of carpets made of synthetic fibers. Do not use with natural fibres (wool, jute, seagrass, coconut, silk, viscose, etc.). And also for carpets and carpets with a height of fleece pow. 10 mm. An important aspect is the fact that the substrate immediately after cleaning is suitable for use.

  • perfectly removes stains and chewing gum
  • productivity: 1 kg = 15-20 m2


Object carpets:

  • hotele
  • offices
  • Offices
  • restaurants, etc.

Carpets in homes.

Directions for use:

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly with a brush vacuum cleaner (e.g. Tebo Brush vacuum cleaner). Spray stains and strong dirt with Fresh Up 2 in 1 – do not soak. Mix carpetlife granules thoroughly with Tebo-Active granules and distribute evenly over the entire surface. Massage the granules using a vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes (e.g. Multi Clean 350) – the hardness of the brushes should be adjusted to the substrate according to the machine manufacturer’s recommendations. We recommend that you work in sections. After leaving the granules to dry completely (about 1 hour), collect the granules with dirt using a brush cleaner. Make sure that the dust container is replaced with sufficient frequency. In the case of strong dirt, the cleaning operation can be repeated several times until a satisfactory effect is achieved. Stubborn stains should be removed with a suitable stain remover.

When cleaning the following carpets, special procedures must be followed:

  • Floors made of needle-punched and sisal linings:

– Do not use Fresh Up 2 in 1 spray for pre-cleaning.

– For subsequent cleanings, apply the granules sparingly to any dirt after cleaning with a brush cleaner.

  • Berber carpet and soft velour floors:

– The brush vacuum cleaner should be worked only in the direction of loops or fibers (not in the longitudinal direction or across)

Before starting cleaning, you need to check the lining for color fastness and strength of the material, as well as the possibility of using a brush vacuum cleaner.

Technical sheet – download!

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 200 × 250 × 300 mm

1 L, 10 L


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