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Polypropylene plate PP70 Supreme by Bergo

Polypropylene plate PP70 Supreme by Bergo

The most important technical parameters:

  • Compressive strength 700 tons/m2 ( 7 tons/dm2, 95 kg/cm2 )
  • Insert size: 303.3×303.3×14.1 cm
  • Opacity size: 303.3×303.3 cm
  • Plate weight: 0.36 kg
  • Weight 1 m²: 3.90 kg
  • Chemical resistance: very high
  • Abrasion resistance: 97
  • Abrasive layer thickness: 2 mm
  • Dimension stability: < 0,4 mm
  • Anti-slip properties:
  • Fire resistance class: hardly flammable
  • Warranty: > 36 m-cy

4,42 / szt + VAT

PP70 Supreme Bergo – PP70 Supreme by Bergo Polypropylene Plate


Due to the high quality of the plastic used in production, Supreme floor modules are resistant to solar radiation and low temperature. Another advantage is a special drainage system that allows water to drain from under the surface. Thanks to this, the SpeedFloor PP 70 Supreme floor system is perfect for public spaces, large garages and galleries. It can be used without any obstacles on terraces and balconies, by swimming pools, but also, workshops, cellars, in service industries, exhibition spaces, service spaces, private spaces and public places. Due to the long-term durability and high quality of the material, this system does not require maintenance. What’s more, professional care products are not needed to maintain cleanliness.

In a few words, the PP70 Supreme Bergo board:

  • openwork structure of elements
  • drainage system
  • three-dimensional effect
  • high quality and color saturation
  • wide range of colors
  • the ability to change the location
  • safe and innovative substrate
  • durability for use
  • maintenance-free substrate (does not require maintenance or renovation)
  • resistance to weather conditions.
SpeedFloor is the solution for every surface!

To sum up, it is a surface for places with high loads, overrun profiles of various types, made of special materials.

What’s more, fully ecological, durable and durable. In addition, easy to install and maximally resistant to all kinds of loads.

You can order online in our store. Without a doubt, we will help you choose the right tiles for each surface.

And also find a solution tailored to your individual needs.

Facebook – follow our website and let’s be in touch.

Weight 0,36 kg
Dimensions 303,3 × 303,3 × 14,1 mm

Black, Blue, Electric Blue, Graphite, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Purple, White, Yellow


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