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PVC Tiles Design Dark Concrete Effect

The SpeedFloor Print flooring solution made of vinyl tiles in the Standard Skin version is not only a richer, more pleasant and original floor solution. It is an opportunity to give the rooms an unusual, exclusive design. With this solution, we do not have to compromise between the appearance and properties of the floor. The possibility of placing any 3D graphic elements protected with a protective coating on the floor surface makes this solution perfect for commercial areas, i.e. shops, exhibitions, galleries, events, but also in workshops, garages, residential zones and offices.

The price is for the application on the entire surface of 1 tile (50×50 cm) in the SpeedFloor Standard Skin version. This solution makes it possible to connect elements to any size of decorative surface, as well as connect with other system elements.

15,99 / szt + VAT

PVC Tile Design Dark Concrete Effect

The floor is made of 100% high-quality dyed PVC. PVC Design dark concrete effect is a special line of products with printing in CMYK UV technology. What’s more, printing on tiles is protected with liquid laminate. With a strength of up to 50 MPa, the tiles can undoubtedly be designed for areas where there is a high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. High mechanical resistance combined with resistance to water, oils, coolants and other chemicals. This makes this floor perfect for garages, production, processing and storage halls. What’s more, the elements of the SpeedFloor system also improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of rooms and their aesthetics. And at the same time they do not require the use of special treatments and means for maintenance.

Quick assembly – convenience – high durability!

PVC Design Dark Concrete Effect (Design Paint Maxi) are available in many different fonts. It is possible to make individual print patterns on special order. The colors and surfaces of the elements from individual production batches may differ slightly. Which is not a defect of the product subject to complaint.

The most important advantages of tiles undoubtedly include:

  • high load resistance
  • easy and quick assembly; as a result, you save time and money
  • resistance to dirt and moisture while ensuring an aesthetic appearance

They are perfect for offices, shops, exercise and playrooms, car workshops. They are also successfully used in printing houses, workshops and offices. And airports, fire stations, headquarters, schools, sports facilities and many other types of rooms. In our offer we have a large selection of PVC tiles in a different range of colors and many available designs. Moreover, there is an opportunity to connect patterns, create corridors.

Current promotions of PVC tiles and floors!


Solutions for every surface!

Surface for places with high loads, overrun profiles of various types, made of special materials. Fully eco-friendly, durable and vital. Easy to install and as resistant as possible to all kinds of loads.

A wide range of products certainly tailored to your needs and finances. We invite you to contact us!

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Weight 2,2 kg
Dimensions 510 × 510 × 8 mm
Type of tile



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