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PVC Standard XL 4mm-Black

PVC Standard XL 4mm-Black

The most important technical parameters:

  • Tile dimensions: 653x653x4 mm
  • The dimension of the covering surface of the tile: 640×640
  • Tile weight: 2.3 kg
  • Weight 1 m²: 5.75 kg
  • Chemical resistance: good according to en 423
  • Abrasion resistance: < 0.1 mm / 100
  • Wear layer thickness: 4 mm
  • Deformation for static loads: < 0.1 mm according to EN 433
  • Dimensional stability: <= 0,4 % WG BS EN 434
  • Anti-slip properties: R10
  • Fire resistance class: Flame retardant material
  • Warranty: up to 6 years

10,66 / szt + VAT

PVC Standard XL Black

2,5 pcs = 1m2


Standard XL Black floor made of high quality dyed PVC. SpeedFloor Standard XL elements are positioned in the product line for the highest loads. It perfectly withstands both static and dynamic loads. Its compressive strength is 50 MPa, i.e. pedestrian traffic, trolleys, wheeled vehicles, etc. is possible. High mechanical resistance combined with resistance to water, beverages, oils, coolants and other chemicals make the floor perfect for many spaces. It is used primarily in production, processing and storage halls as well as garages. It also works well in offices, commercial buildings, studios, schools and kindergartens, as well as gyms and exercise rooms. The elements of the SpeedFloor system also improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of rooms and their aesthetics. At the same time, the floor does not require any special care and maintenance measures.

PVC Standard XL tiles are available in several colors and texture reminiscent of snake skin – Snake Skin. The colours and surfaces of the components from the different production orders may differ slightly, which is not a product defect subject to complaint.

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When and how to glue the tiles.

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Surface for places with high loads, overrun profiles of various types, made of special materials. Fully eco-friendly, durable and vital. Easy to install and as resistant as possible to all kinds of loads. They will work well in warehouses, garages, shopping centers, fire houses. And also at railway stations, airports, factories and wherever there is a need for a durable surface.

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Weight 2,3 kg
Dimensions 653 × 653 × 4 mm



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