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Ideal floor for schools - SpeedFloor

Good to know > Ideal floor for schools – SpeedFloor

Ideal floor for schools - SpeedFloor

Floors in the premises of public buildings such as kindergartens, schools or boarding schools must guarantee not only resistance to their daily intensive operation, but also create a pleasant and inspiring environment for the pupils and their caregivers and teachers. The environment should be friendly. They must like it, and the attractions should entertain. On the other hand, their users, especially children and adolescents, must be and feel safe.

A floor suitable for children’s play and learning areas should be as aesthetic, functional and practical as possible. As specialists point out, the lecture hall should be warm, resilient and should be characterized by a calm atmosphere so that students can concentrate on learning.

A solution that allows you to quickly implement these guidelines is the SpeedFloor PVC flooring system.

Modernizacja posadzki w korytarzu Szkoły
Modernizacja posadzki w korytarzu Szkoły w Borowie

SpeedFloor modular flooring elements are ideal for any floor, including  games, learning and various activities in the classroom, corridor, gym or children’s playground. At the same time, they absorb sounds, dampen vibrations, keep warm. Without a doubt, they are comfortable and safe for sitting, walking and climbing children.

These are floors with a pleasant surface, harmless to health, easy to keep clean and ensure septic, warm in reception, and thanks to a specially designed surface reducing the risk of slipping even in socks. The cleanliness of the floor should not cause worries either, because the elements of SpeedFloor floors can be quickly and easily cleaned and decontaminated using simple tools and dedicated means for their care. while saving yourself the hassle, time or costs of expensive or effective and efficient detergents.

SpeedFloor is a guarantee of safety and at the same time good fun!

It is worth knowing that...

High noise levels contribute to the increase of stress, deterioration of internal mood and the ability of people's perception – it is worth counteracting this with SpeedFloor!

       Advantages of the SpeedFloor modular flooring system:

  • Pleasant appearance
  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Resistance to deformation and abrasion
  • Improving the safety of use; reducing the possibility of slipping and tripping
  • Minimum requirements for substrate preparation – possible installation on existing surfaces
  • Most often, assembly without the need for gluing reducing application costs
  • Instant assembly that does not limit the work of the school
  • Advantageous in places with high traffic
  • Simple and easy to clean and maintain


If you want to see what tiles you can use!

Posadzka w szkole zawodowej - samochodówka
Automotive School Complex in Radom


If you already know what tiles to choose!

Płytki w salce gimnastycznej - posadzka w szkole
Physical activity room - school in Bolimów

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