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Perfect tiles for detailing studio

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Perfect tiles for detailing studio

Detailing is certainly an increasingly offered and used service on the automotive services market. It is worth noting that not always these places are properly prepared for the implementation of services at a high level. As the employees themselves and the owners of professional detailing studios note – cosmetics, tools, lighting – all this is undoubtedly important. But if the room in which the work is to be carried out, and above all the floor, is not adapted to the conditions in which they will work, it is certainly very difficult to succeed. In addition, the floor is the element on which vehicles stand, employees move, tools can be put away. Therefore, it is important that it not only has high mechanical strength, but at the same time it is easy to clean, resistant to damage. And also did not dust and did not reflect light. What’s more, if we add additional advantages to it – quieter, warmer, more comfortable and instantly – we will get a hint – what should be the right floor.

Undoubtedly, it allows you to make a new or modernize the old floor. Ready-made elements, specially designed joints, shape, material properties mean that the floor can be made instantly, most often without the need to glue to the substrate. This is important, especially for those who rent rooms. The homogeneous, compact, pore-free structure of the tile undoubtedly ensures its resistance to dirt. Matte, not causing great reflections, non-slip surface undoubtedly guarantees neutral and safe use of the surface in almost all conditions.

SpeedFloor is a floor unlike any other!

SpeedFloor is undoubtedly an instant solution providing the best parameters and properties, guaranteeing their maintenance for a long time. What’s more, the floor is covered by a several-year warranty. It will certainly be appreciated by every professional working in the workshop – mechanic, electrician, painter or diagnostician. You don’t take any chances by reaching for this solution. By choosing SpeedFloor you really gain guaranteed quality, aesthetics, functionality, versatility. And also the certainty of money well spent once.

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