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Sports surface for your gym

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Sports surface for your gym

Weight falls, spilled drinks and especially sweat are an integral part of the functioning of fitness facilities. By creating spaces for strength training, gymnastics, crossfit activities, etc. It should be remembered that the fitness floor must not only be durable and flexible. But also clean, fresh and safe.

With sports surfaces, there is always a lot of emphasis on the strength of the ground, but sometimes hygienic safety is forgotten – the ease of cleaning and maintenance of the floor. And yet regulars (amateurs and professionals) and users of fitness floors, appreciate a friendly and safe space giving not only a feeling. But also real safety during exercises and taking on various challenges.

The offer of floors available on the market is a wide range of solutions for spaces of all types and various sports fields. Are all of them a guarantee of security?

Looking at the actual condition of floors in buildings of this nature, it is not difficult to meet with places crumpled or wiped out as a result of intensive exploitation. In sports centers, professional fitness centers, gyms, gyms, indoor playgrounds, but also in their back rooms, one of the most important issues is broadly understood safety – including hygiene.

The combination of these advantages is the sports surface for gyms and sports facilities in the SpeedFloor system. Made of high quality materials in the form of tiles or mats. This floor is not only aesthetic and user-friendly, but also due to its homogeneous, non-porous structure, easy to care for and maintain. The floor can be easily disinfected using generally available hygiene products. The floor surface remains clean and non-slip, which contributes to reducing the risk of injury. What’s more, the construction of the floor protects against excessive load on the joints and muscle fatigue during exercise. The possibility of instant disassembly of the floor, changing its layout, moving it to another place or re-assembling, give not only the possibility of free creation of space. But also instant disinfection, easy care and maintenance (even during the operation of the facility).

Advantages of fitness jobs in the SpeedFloor system:

  • For laying on concrete, parquet, panels, OSB boards, carpets, …
  • Sports equipment impact damping, noise reduction.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Water, sweat and moisture resistant.
  • Protection of joints and spine during gym exercises.
  • The surface felt to the touch, also for bare feet
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Various surfaces and colors
  • The minimum scope of substrate preparation
  • Rapid installation of the floor without the need for glue.
  • Operation immediately after completion of work
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