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Ideal surface for stables - AgroFlex mats

Worth to know > A horse like a human – likes comfort, deserves safety

Ideal surface for stables - AgroFlex mats

A stable for horses is a place where an extremely important advantage of floors and cladding of the walls of boxes, corridors or accompanying rooms is certainly their high strength, ease of maintenance and cleanliness. For “their residents and users” certainly felt high comfort and safety. Cleanliness in horse boxing is undoubtedly extremely important. What’s more, economic considerations and organizational possibilities are not without significance in all this. There are various solutions available on the market. However, in most cases they are not able to effectively combine the above-mentioned features and requirements set for them.

SpeedFloor floor solutions
are undoubtedly to a significant extent softer and warmer than those normally used in agro buildings. Their jointless structure of the material means that the floor elements do not absorb liquids and do not retain solid impurities. Undoubtedly, they ensure “breathing of the ground under them”. The fact that the floor elements have a uniform, compact and extremely durable structure means that there is no danger of them crumbling and wiping. And also the ingress of their fragments into the digestive system of the animal along with straw or feed.

The construction and material from which they are made undoubtedly guarantee the possibility of extremely simple, fast and effective daily cleaning. And above all, surface disinfection. The strength of the material and the joints of elements made of it are undoubtedly a guarantee of long and effective functioning in various conditions. What’s more, the warranty on SpeedFloor elements is up to 12 years.

It seems that it is for these reasons that they are increasingly finding their place in the stable for horses and other agro-type rooms. Undoubtedly, they visibly and noticeably increase the comfort and safety of animals. By making them move or rest more freely, they are not in danger of slipping and falling. It is also important for their carers, users and guests.

It is worth knowing that...

SpeedFloor cladding can be swept, cleaned and disinfected without any difficulty. What’s more, very durable connections of Fortelock elements on the so-called. “Swallow tail” locks give the possibility of dismantling individual parts and, for example, their thorough cleaning and re-unfolding. This can be done in the same or any and different ways. It is also a solution that allows for instant replacement of damaged individual Speedfloor elements.

Yet another way to use Speedfloor PVC elements is to make cladding for the walls of the boxes; both those made of brick, stone or concrete as well as made of steel elements with wood filling or simply wooden.  Speedfloor linings make the box quieter and warmer, and the horse does not destroy the surface of his “room” partitions with his hooves or teeth.


Litter for straw or sawdust laid on SpeedFloor tiles is certainly much less thick, as in the case of laying on a concrete substrate or polepa. The conditions of the wards are therefore undoubtedly noticeably better, as well as savings.


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