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New + old = success Floor for workshop, service, garage

It is worth knowing> New + old = success – floor for the workshop, garage service

New + old = success - floor for workshop, service, garage

Undoubtedly, most of the old, poorly made concrete floors or floor sleepers quickly lose their usability. First of all, the technical and aesthetic ones. Then, without a doubt, their degradation is progressing faster and faster. What’s more, the costs of possible restoration to the right parameters and appearance begin to resemble a bottomless well. Often it seems that the only way out is to remove the whole thing and do everything from scratch. And this means that often a significant part of our money will end up in a container and in a landfill. Undoubtedly, the SpeedFloor floor solution comes in handy. This solution in most cases does not even require gluing. It works perfectly where other solutions would be very expensive and time-consuming.

SpeedFloor is undoubtedly the perfect floor for workshops, car repair shops, tire services. And also for exhibition rooms or car showrooms. SpeedFloor PVC tiles easily withstand the loads of cars, motorcycles. And also trucks, fire trucks or lifts. A flexible PVC floor has additional abilities to adapt under load, and is also a good sound and temperature insulator. The possibility of combining colors and patterns SpeedFloor undoubtedly allows you to create a unique and unrepeatable floor. In addition, PVC tiles are easy to keep clean and take care of daily. What’s more, in many cases it is definitely more durable than ordinary concrete or ceramic plates. Therefore, it is worth investing in SpeedFloor!

It is worth noting that compressive and abrasion strength, resistance to consumables – oil, fuels, lubricants or other petroleum derivatives, brake and cooling fluids these are undoubtedly just a few advantages of the system. As a result, it allows you to easily maintain the floor in excellent condition, both technical and aesthetic.

Recommended types of PVC tiles:

  • for high loads (e.g. for moving forklifts or trucks) SpeedFloor Standard,
  • for low and medium loads – SpeedFloor Eco, SpeedFloor Light.


If you want to see what tiles you can use!

Realizacje hangary SpeedFloor


If you already know what tiles to choose!

Posadzka w hangarze - lotnisko w Gliwicach

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