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Fast modernization - mobile industrial floor

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Fast modernization - mobile industrial floor

Mobile industrial floor is a way to lay it on almost any substrate. It withstands the pressure of even very heavy industrial machines. It dampens vibrations and dampens, and does not require stopping production lines for the time of renovation – these are just a few of the many advantages that the SpeedFloor floor has.

The use of the latest technologies in the broadly understood industry is not only the use of specialized machines, but also care for every element of the plant’s equipment and its infrastructure. One of the most important and, at the same time, the most difficult aspects faced by maintenance departments in factories is ensuring the proper technical condition of floors in production and storage halls.

Some of the solutions turn out to be unnecessarily costly and time-consuming. Modernization and modernization of the floor does not always have to involve the suspension of production. With downtime of the entire plant or incurring high costs. It doesn’t have to be about chaining, hauling away and doing everything anew. These problems are addressed by the SpeedFloor floor technology, which allows for the modernization of the floor in the production plant in a quick, effective and relatively inexpensive manner.

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Vinyl elements produced from the highest quality raw material are distinguished by high strength parameters while maintaining the flexibility of individual elements. Vibration and noise damping. Resistance to dirt and easy to keep clean. The speed of assembly, as well as the possibility of using the floor immediately after its laying. 

SpeedFloor floor allows you to obtain a durable and aesthetic surface. Tiles can be laid even on oily ground or on a substrate made of, for example, concrete screed, paving stones. Boards, ceramic tiles, etc. Fortelock connections allow you to lay a durable and functional floor. Most often without the need to glue it to the substrate. This means that at any time the floor can be dismantled and laid in another room. 

The unrivaled advantage of the SpeedFloor solution is the ability to modernize the floor without having to stop the movement of the entire plant, which for company directors, production managers, as well as plant owners is often an argument that cannot be overestimated.


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