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Fire Brigade - SpeedFloor in the OSP garage

Worth to know > Speedfloor in the Fire Department garage

Fire Brigade - SpeedFloor in the OSP garage

SpeedFloor floors they are perfect for garages and technical rooms, offices and social rooms. SpeedFloor Standard is undoubtedly an excellent solution for the wheels of vehicles such as GLBA,GBA , GCBA, GCBM, GPr, SRt, SRd, Sh etc. The Light version will work great not only in barracks rooms, but also at stands operational vehicles: command, rescue and reconnaissance and communication. And also  ambulances, light vehicles, technical rescue, chemical rescue, etc.

Floor, even a backyard workshop or garage, always places demands on strength, functionality and its easy cleanliness. Regardless of whether it is a garage where  you keep a car, trailer or boat. Is a place to store tools, machines, tires. Is it a workshop where you perform repairs – the SpeedFloor floor will certainly work great. 

Posadzka modułowa - garaż OSP
Posadzka w garażu - garaż OSP

Compressive and abrasion strength, resistance to consumables – oil, fuels, lubricants or other petroleum derivatives, brake and cooling fluids. These are just some of the advantages of this system, which allow you to easily maintain the floor in excellent condition, both technical and aesthetic. Due to the thick, homogeneous layer of high-quality PVC, SpeedFloor tiles are perfect for really difficult conditions.

The lack of necessity, in most cases, to glue the floor to the substrate allows for any arrangement. In addition, if there is a need to change the layout of the floor without having to spend more money. The possibility of using markings and descriptions  on the floor allows for even better organization. And making a logo or other graphics on the floor can add character and uniqueness. 

Fire Brigade –  SpeedFloor in the service of the best

  • Trustworthy.
  • Confident in action and professional.
  • Effective in a wide variety of situations.
  • Friendly to people and the environment.
  • Speed, endurance, resistance.
  • Working in difficult conditions.
  • Everything in its place.
  • Versatility and simple rules.
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It's good to know that

A system of drainage channels, designed on the lower side of the tiles, helps to ensure continuous ventilation of the floor and the substrate under it. As a result, it protects against mold on the floor. This distinctive advantage of Speedfloor PVC tiles can be appreciated by those of you who have a problem with groundwater penetration in their facilities. And also the lack or not sufficient moisture insulation of the substrate. For those of you who, due to external conditions, have to deal with flooding of the object from time to time, it will be important to be able to easily dismantle the floor and re-install it after drying the rooms.


On the road, as well as in places of braking and taking off, as extremely loaded, which require special attention, we recommend gluing the floor. What’s more, the SpeedFloor PVC floor prepared in this way will withstand the influence of wheels on the floor in such heavily exploited places for a long time. And it will also meet your requirements for easy, pleasant use.


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