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Volunteer Fire Department – 112 / 998

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> Volunteer Fire Department – 112 / 998

Volunteer Fire Department – 112 / 998



When the existing floor or wall surface is already in a bad condition, there are cavities, chipping and ubiquitous dust, stains and persistent dirt, and it is difficult to get them clean and in a proper technical condition, it is time to decide on renovation – modernization.

The presence of Speedfloor PVC floors in fire stations and barracks in TSO and PSP units both abroad and, more and more often in Poland, is not accidental. The different versions of the floor are perfect for garages and technical rooms, offices and social rooms. Speedfloor Standard or Invisible with a strength of up to 0.5 t / cm2 are perfect solutions for the wheels of, for example, vehicles such as: GBA, GCBA, GCBM, GPr, SRt, SRd, Sh, etc. The Light version (0.2 t / cm 2) will be perfect not only in barracks but also in the positions of operational vehicles: command, rescue and reconnaissance and communication, lighting, ambulances, light technical and chemical rescue,….

Why do the best appreciate Speedfloor PVC?

Compressive strength and abrasion resistance, resistance to consumables – oil, fuels, lubricants or other petroleum substances, brake and cooling fluids, which could adversely affect the appearance and performance of the floor, allow for easy maintenance of the floor in excellent technical and aesthetic condition .

Due to the thick, homogeneous layer of high-quality PVC, which is very resistant to loading, chemicals and the effects of water on the surface, Speedfloor PVC tiles work well in really difficult conditions. In most cases, it is not necessary to glue the floor to the sub-floor, which allows for any arrangement, and if necessary, also changes in its arrangement without the need to spend further money. The possibility of using markings and descriptions on the floor allows for even better organization, and the execution of a logo or other graphics on the floor can add character and uniqueness.

The floor, even of a homeworkshop or garage, always places requirements in terms of durability, functionality and easy maintenance. Regardless of whether it is a garage where you keep a car, trailer or boat, or a place to store tools, machines, tires, equipment and other necessary things, or it is a workshop where you perform repairs, the floor is placed in front of the Investor and user decision to make a good choice.

It is worth knowing that:

A system of drainage channels designed on the underside of the tiles helps to ensure continuous ventilation of the floor and the subsoil, and thus prevent the formation of mold on the floor and adjacent partitions. This distinctive advantage of Speedfloor PVC tiles can be appreciated by those of you who have problems with groundwater penetration in their facilities, lack or insufficient waterproofing of the substrate. For those of you who, due to external conditions, have to deal with flooding from time to time, it is impossible to overestimate the possibility of easily disassembling the Speedfloor floor and re-installing it after drying the rooms.

Therefore, when the unit is preparing a renovation or modernization, the most common questions important for users are answered by such answers

  • The minimum scope of substrate preparation.
  • Installation usually without the need to stick
  • Modernization requires a minimum of time, and operation is possible almost immediately
  • High mechanical resistance to wear
  • Excellent strength parameters while maintaining flexibility
  • No additional maintenance is required
  • No need for additional adaptation of the previous surface.
  • The surface provides very high chemical resistance.
  • The floor is 100% repairable and renewable.
  • Easy maintenance and surface cleaning without any special tools or cleaning agents.
  • sticking to the substrate allows for a durable and tight surface
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