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Floor in the garage of the TSO Unit – 112 / 998

Worth Knowing > Floor from garage PSP / OSP – 112 / 998

Floor in the garage of the Fire Brigade Unit – 112 / 998

When the existing floor is already in poor condition, cracks, cavities, stains and permanent dirt have appeared. Then, undoubtedly, the time comes to make a decision about their renovation – modernization.

The presence of
SpeedFloor PVC
tiles as a floor in the garages of TSO and PSP units in Poland as well as their counterparts abroad is undoubtedly not accidental. That is why their hosts are increasingly reaching for these solutions. Individual versions are undoubtedly perfect for garages, offices, technical and social rooms. SpeedFloor Standard or Invisible with a strength of up to 0.5t / cm2 are certainly excellent solutions for the wheels of guard vehicles. Even vehicles such as GBA or GCBA. What’s more, the speed of making a new floor counted in hours, minimum requirements in the preparation of the substrate, compressive strength and other technical parameters. These are just a few of the advantages that make SpeedFloor solutions certainly in the watchtowers for good.

Why do the best recommend SpeedFloor?

Compressive and abrasion strength, resistance to consumables – oil, fuels, lubricants or other petroleum derivatives, brake and cooling fluids these are undoubtedly just a few advantages of the system. Due to these features, it certainly allows you to easily maintain the floor in excellent condition, both technical and aesthetic.

What’s more, due to the thick, homogeneous layer of high-quality PVC, SpeedFloor tiles are perfect for really difficult conditions. The lack of necessity – in most cases – to glue the floor to the substrate undoubtedly allows for any arrangement. What’s more, if there is a need to change its layout without having to spend more money. The possibility of using markings and descriptions on the floor undoubtedly allows for even better organization. In addition, making a logo or other graphics on the floor can add character and uniqueness. As a result, you get an outstanding floor for years!

To sum up, by choosing SpeedFloor you undoubtedly gain guaranteed quality, aesthetics, functionality, versatility and, above all, the certainty of money well spent once.

The most important advantages of the SpeedFloor modular flooring system:

  • The minimum scope of substrate preparation.
  • Instant assembly, usually without the need for gluing
  • Modernization requires a minimum of time, and operation is possible almost immediately
  • High mechanical resistance to wear
  • Excellent strength parameters while maintaining flexibility
  • In addition, there is no need for additional adaptation of the previous surface.
  • The surface provides very high chemical resistance.
  • What’s more, the floor is 100% repairable and renewable.
  • Easy maintenance and surface cleaning without any special tools or cleaning agents.
  • In addition, sticking to the ground allows you to get a durable and tight surface


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